New Executive Director focuses on Sustainable Funding with an Artisan Twist

We welcome Robin Martini as our new Executive Director! She is new to the title, but not our organization. Robin has served as our Global Director and was the previous Director of Artisan Development at 7loaves since 2008. She is the perfect person to help us with our new funding initiatives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As we focus on building eye care capacity in low income countries, we look for concrete modern methods to evaluate the success of our training and to fund it. Training eye care physicians to prevent blindness has a 185x high return on investment over 10 years. Using virtual reality ophthalmic simulators, we can measure and compare the success of our training to efforts in high and middle income countries. Funding these efforts with traditional donations and using what we have learned from our fair trade store in Grand Blanc  for telling our “story” visually, we can diversify our funding initiatives. While we pursue traditional grant funding, we will be reaching out via social media for help. We will also be moving to the Scottsdale area to establish a global center while we continue work in Africa. Watch our latest you tube venture…