Mobile Eye Care

Mobile Eye Care Telemedicine is here. I have a favorite painting in my office of a typewriter. Call me old fashioned but I left high school for college with a “new” Smith Corona typewriter with the ‘correcto’ lift off ribbon—pretty high tech for the day. I can’t tell you how many papers, I edited and […] → Continue Reading Mobile Eye Care

Thank You…,

Thank you Rotary Club of Flint for your donation on our behalf to eliminate polio infection worldwide. The rotary has had a “vision” of a polio free world and joined with other public health organizations to partner in the same vision. It is important to us at Red Rover Ventures that we “join hands” with […] → Continue Reading Thank You…,

Donating the Retina Vitreous Center

In the last several years, we have battled many new healthcare obstacles together. Many of you know that my husband and I made several trips to Brazil to teach and establish a retinal operating room. On my last trip, one of my Brazilian colleagues taught me the’ legend of the hummingbird’ that has served as […] → Continue Reading Donating the Retina Vitreous Center

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Red Rover Ventures Ophthalmic Care

Testimonials from some of our most enduring patients.