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Test Your “Global Smarts”…

Question 1: What’s A Global Health Problem Bigger than Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV combined?? We know you must be scratching your head a bit. Well it isn’t lice or scabies; it is lack of access to surgery and anesthetic care. Question 2: How many people on the planet earth lack access to safe effective surgery […] → Continue Reading Test Your “Global Smarts”…

Midlife Crisis: Are You Having One? For $75K, You Can Impact a Nation.

  People do crazy things at midlife. We all know someone. In college, I took a class called “Sleep and Dreaming” by a world renowned Professor named William Dement who said, “Dreams are real while they last, can we say more of life?” He said, we would remember that quote along with a historical side […] → Continue Reading Midlife Crisis: Are You Having One? For $75K, You Can Impact a Nation.

Red Rover Ventures Mobile Eye Clinic

Insight Mobile Eyecare Screening Vehicle [Video]

Mobile Eye Care

Mobile Eye Care Telemedicine is here. I have a favorite painting in my office of a typewriter. Call me old fashioned but I left high school for college with a “new” Smith Corona typewriter with the ‘correcto’ lift off ribbon—pretty high tech for the day. I can’t tell you how many papers, I edited and […] → Continue Reading Mobile Eye Care



Red Rover Ventures partnered with Synergetics, USA Inc. to purchase and donate a surgical instrument for retina surgery. […] → Continue Reading Nicaragua

Seim Reap Ambulance

Seim Reap, Cambodia – Doctors Without Borders/UCSF David Heiden M.D.

Red Rover Ventures purchased and donated several indirect ophthalmoscopes to use to teach the doctors in Seim Reap how to perform indirect ophthalmoscopy on eye care patients. During this medical mission over 400 AIDS patients with CMV Retinitis were treated and screened. […] → Continue Reading Seim Reap, Cambodia – Doctors Without Borders/UCSF David Heiden M.D.

South Africa – God’s Golden Acres

God’s Golden Acre, is an HIV/Aids orphanage for over 100 children in Cato Ridge, South Africa. She established the orphanage for the children who have lost their parents to the HIV/Aids epidemic. We made our way to visit them on two separate occasions, once in 2006 and again in 2007 to see how we could help. […] → Continue Reading South Africa – God’s Golden Acres

Scholarship Grants – United States

Red Rover Ventures has provided grants to individuals that are engaged in empowering women and children on a global scale. We have provided over 12 grants thus far. […] → Continue Reading Scholarship Grants – United States