Test Your “Global Smarts”…

Question 1: What’s A Global Health Problem Bigger than Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV combined?? We know you must be scratching your head a bit. Well it isn’t lice or scabies; it is lack of access to surgery and anesthetic care.

Question 2: How many people on the planet earth lack access to safe effective surgery and anesthesia care? 5 billion people in the world lack access to safe effective surgery and anesthesia care. Think about your own family: has someone required a hernia repair, an appendectomy, a C-section, cataract surgery?

Emmanuel CataractQuestion 3: Emmanuel has what eye problem? He has a traumatic cataract.

Question 4: You have a 50/50 shot. Are most ophthalmologists evenly distributed across most countries of the world? No. 2/3 of the world’s ophthalmologists reside in only 15 countries.

Red Rover Ventures is currently working in Liberia, West Africa where there is not a trained surgical ophthalmologist performing routine surgery for 4.5 million people. Liberia has a very weak health system post civil conflict and post Ebola.We need to train and equip an ophthalmologist who can perform cataract surgery with excellent outcomes. Our goal in the next 4 years is to accomplish this.

Stay tuned for what we are doing…