Thailand, Surin Silver – ThaiCraft


ThaiCraft Handicrafts was formed in 1975 and is a very large organization representing 70 different artisan groups from all regions of Thailand. This fair trade entity ensures that the artisan producers and their crafts’ proceeds go directly back to those artisans who made the products-an income desperately needed for these artisans to regain their dignity and self reliance.


In 2009, we chose to help one of the groups belonging to ThaiCraft named Surin Silver. Surin Silver is group of silversmiths from Surin in northeast Thailand. They use simple tools to beat thin leaves of pure silver into distinct bead shapes. These are temporarily filled with a natural resin so that the decorative patterns can be hand-etched onto the surface of each bead. This painstakingly intricate process, from the centuries-old Khmer Angkor kingdom, survives in this one and only small community. So in 2009 when we learned that their building and workshops had been completely destroyed by a terrible fire, our non-profit decided to donate funds to help this artisan group rebuild their entire building. This contribution ensured the Surin Silver Group could then continue to work and earn a daily wage.